What is new at Beerkestein 


         Februari 2019

    • Spannend! Buzz krijgt hopelijk weer pups begin April 2019!!!!

      Exciting! Buzz hopefully gets puppies again at the start of April 2019!!!!


      Meer nieuws volgt....

      More news later ....







  • OCTOBER 2018
    Buzz heeft puppies! 

    Buzz has pups! 


  • 2017
    Twee nieuwe familieleden zijn gearriveerd! Buzz en Bugatti. 
    Twee rode rakkers uit Rusland.
    Two new family members arrived. Buzz and Bugatti. 
    Two red rebbels from Russia.

    Buzz – Dekor luka at Beerkestein, born 4 Januari 2017 at Elena Povelikhina 

    Bugatti – Dior Glamour Deya at Beerkestein, born 4 Januari 2017 at Elena Povelikhina

  • OCTOBER 2015: 
    Helaas zijn er geen puppies geboren dit keer. 
    Unfortunately there are no puppies born this time

  • AUGUST 2015: 
    Missi is gedekt door Jammer. Voor meer informatie zie onze Breeding pagina. Uit 
    deze zelfde combinatie werd in 2013 o.a. Grand geboren en zijn 6 nestgenoten, 
    Grand’s pagina vindt u hier. We zijn in alle opzichten erg blij met de pups die uit 
    deze combinatie geboren zijn, qua gezondheid, karakter en lichaamsbouw. We 
    hopen zelf een teef te houden uit deze 
    Missi has been bred to Jammer. For more info see our Breeding page. Out of 
    the same combination Grand and his 6 siblings were born in 2013, Grands page 
    you can find here. We are extremely proud of the pups from this combination, as 
    well in health, temperament as structure. We hope to keep a girl out of this 
    combination ourselves.

  • MARCH 2014 
    Er zijn prachtige, zeer sociale American Akita pups beschikbaar voor het juiste gezin. 
    Uit de combinatie Jammer x Eia. Oki Chi Bam Bee To Be. Voor meer info contact 
    Lotte Lekholm at Oki Chi Akitas
    There are some awsome and very social American Akita puppies available for the 
    right homes. Out of Jammer x Eia. Oki Chi Bam Bee To Be. For more info contact 
    Lotte Lekholm at Oki Chi Akitas 

  • FEBRUARY 2014 
    5 wonderful puppies out of Eia x Jammer in Sweden. Oki Chi Akitas Some puppies 
    available. For more info contact their breeder Lotte Lekholm

  • FEBRUARY 2014 
    All puppies went to their awsome forever homes. Grand will stay with his Dad. 
    They are too fond of each other to part them. And so are we ;) Welcome Grand to 
    your forever home at Grand Lanterfant

  • DECEMBER 2013 
    Puppies are born! 4 Girls and 3 Boys...

  • OCTOBER 2013 
    We are so excited! Missi is in whelp! Sire of the puppies is Jammer Pregnancy 
    confirmed by ultrasound We expect the puppies to be born at the start of December 
    2013 OCTOBER 2012 Jammer First Time Out in Europe. He took Best Of Breed and 
    Best In Group!!! Expertly handled by Mariska Huis What a Day!  

  • JULY 2012 
    Jammer has a date for Spring 2013. Meet Isla at Kodiak Canyon American Akitas 
    in Finland. The girl is gorgeous! www.kodiakcanyon.com/eng/breeding.htm  

  • MARCH 2012 
    Missi set foot on Grand Lanterfant! Our precious girl from the UK. We are thrilled 
    to have this flashy Chance x Tameka daughter. And so impressed by the headpiece 
    she has. Her short thick ears are adorable. Miss Pretty Face...welcome to our home!  

  • DECEMBER 2011 
    Jammer arrived! Our new boy from the States. Welcome AM CH Orient Prides 
    Jammin Man! A true Gentleman. What an awsome sweet tempered flashy boy he is!

  • FEBRUARY 2011 
    We bought a wonderful farm where we have plenty of space for our Akitas. 
    Lots of renovation work to do for the coming years..